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1-liner movie reviews:

Director Oliver Stone dumps the American myth of "going to war to
'free' other countries from tyranny and to 'unite' the world" on the great greek
warrior( thank god he doesn't rename him Alex!) - not much of a story; not much
of a movie either.

dil mange more:
You can get an estimate of the immense energy that Shahid Kapoor
exudes in the way he forms the saving grace of the movie despite dismal,
disinterested performances from the three heroines.

Wholesome food (for thought) but in a drab un"filmi" pack.

A O'Henry'ish story with great performances that would have been
better served in half the original length of the movie.


television review:

kabhi haan kabhi naa :
(zee t.v.-Mon-Thu 10:30 p.m)

Finally an indian soap that packs a nice punch! The story of three young men
caught in the tragicomic mire of life unfolds much like an extended "Dil Chahta
Hai" but I would say it's more an indianised "Sex and the City"(HBO) with the
female protagonists replaced by men.

Adi is in search of an ideal life partner while his elder brother, sister-in-law
("bhabs") and personal secretary Sam try to bring some order into his slovenly
life. Chetan is the playboy with a string of girlfriends whose cool dude
attitude backfires quite often. Finally there's Dipankar(a.k.a Poltu!), a timid
Bong who's fighting a losing battle to free his life from the clutches of an
overcaring sister("didi") who insists on getting him married at the earliest.

The three of them are great friends who meet every evening at the beer bar to
try straighten out the mess in their lives and relationships.

This soap is definitely worth a try. So tune in to Zee t.v. at 10:30 p.m. and
join in the pandemonium that is "kabhi haan kabhi naa".


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