movie: Lucky
Salman Khan, Sneha Ullal

The movie has generated quite a bit of interest due to the resemblance of leading lady sneha ullal with aishwarya rai (and add to that her pairing with salman khan whose antics with aishwarya is bollywood pop history), but it would be unwise to write of sneha as a aishwarya clone.

While she actually looks a cross between aishwarya and mayuri kango, I think we should do justice to this lady and and say that she is actually quite a beauty and for a debutant she plays the role of a demure, sweet, seventeen year old "Lucky" to perfection. Salman Khan shows off (no...not his muscles) his happy-go-lucky attitude quite well and the clever dialogues sure assist the both of them in their performance.

Having said that, one must accept that there is nothing memorable to the story, no depth to the characters or the movie, no emotions to carry back home for the audience.The story of two strangers meeting in a time of crisis (terrorist strikes) and surviving through it to finally fall in love with each other, held more promise than it actually delivered.

Mithun Chakraborti is totally wasted in a tritely humorous and totally unnecessary role. It's strange that mainstream filmmakers still fail to utilize the potential of this three time natinal award winner!

The songs are pretty hummable and have the adnan sami (who composed the music) signature to them and are shot in wonderful locales across Russia.

One could really watch the movie for the breathtaking landscapes, palaces and even the cemetery and the fresh youthful charm of sneha and of course in the place where I watched it (hyderabad), needless to say, for Salman Khan!



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